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© 2019 by Marie Allred Author



Marie Allred is a young woman currently working, attending school in Texas, and running a mental health blog as well as a poet, novelist and spoken-word artist. She is a powerful advocate for mental illness and fights proudly for herself and others through her writing and love for words, as well as through spoken word poetry.

Allred is deeply creative but also harbors a love for science which she studies frequently and unequivocally. She brings fresh ideas and creative thoughts and solutions to the table wherever she goes and enjoys playfully attempting to unravel the truth of the universe and understand the world around her.

She has been writing since she was five-years-old and published her first novel at seventeen-years-old.


Allred is a renown personality and passionate fighter for her ideals and morals. Hardworking and headstrong from sun-up to sun-down she is paving a way for herself in literature that is unmatched in many others so young.